The Majestic City of Ayutthaya

I visited Bangkok, Thailand back in October 2017. It was my first time in the country and I was alone, itching to see what the city has to offer. I was feeling a bit more adventurous by the end of the week so I decided to travel and see the highly recommended city of Ayutthaya.

The feeling of being in a long land journey all alone was pretty daunting to me. But I carried on and went to Hua Lamphong Station as early as 7am. From what I saw in my research, train tickets run out easily. Once I got to the station I bought a 3rd class ticket to Ayutthaya right away. The economy class fan seat cost 15THB. From that price range of course you cannot expect a very comfortable 2hr train ride. The car I was in was packed, it was hot and the seat space was little. The view was fantastic though. It showed another side of Thailand. The side you would not see if you only stayed in Bangkok.

Exploring the ruins is easy and inexpensive. You can rent a motorbike or a bicycle from one of the various rental shops in the city. I rented a bike for 50THB. You can also rent a tuk tuk but it is more costly. I was offered a tour by a tuk tuk driver for 1000BTHB.

Riding a bike in Ayutthaya was therapeutic for me. The air is fresh and there is little to no traffic. Some elephants are also walking around with tourists riding their backs. (I highly discourage this though)

As for the ruins, it is freaking majestic. It felt like stepping into the wonderful world of Harry Potter after two centuries. The views from the top of each structure is just breathtaking. I wonder what the city would have looked like in its early days.

Finally after half a day of pedalling around I decided that it was time to go back to the Bangkok. I wanted to avoid rush hour as it will be very hot inside the train.

For the train ride back home, I got a 2nd class ticket so I have a little more space to relax. Slept all the way back and got back to my hostel right away.

The trip was long but cheap and the views were very very much worth the exhaustion.

I hope you guys take the time to visit Ayutthaya as well. It is a beautiful break from the bustling city of Bangkok that you will surely enjoy! 🙂

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