What you need when you travel solo to Shanghai (…or anywhere in the world)

So for my first solo travel to Shanghai this spring, I was so anxious. This was not my first solo trip but China is different from the other countries I have visited. For people who love and rely on Google and other social media apps to survive their day to day life, a trip to China is something you should prepare for.

Getting straight to the point, here are the things that got me through my 7 day trip


I cannot stress enough how important this is. A Virtual Private Network will enable you to use Google, Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, etc while you are in China. That’s right. You cannot access these apps without a VPN because they are blocked by “The Great Firewall of China”

I met a middle aged Belgian woman in the hostel I was staying at i and she had no idea she needed a VPN. She had to ask me and our other roommate how to get to the places she wanted to visit because she could not get through Google Maps.

I used two VPNs during my trip since there are times where one worked better than the other. ExpressVPN has a 7 day free trial and is very reliable. TurboVPN is totally free but has a spotty connection.

2. Pocket Wifi / Sim Card (Unless you have roaming..)

Of course you need this when you are traveling to any foreign land for the first time. Specially when you are alone. How else are you going to find your way when you get lost?How will you get in touch with your family and friends back home?

I got mine from Klook and I had them deliver it to my office the day before my flight. They can also arrange a pick up schedule for your convenience.

3. Jiaotong Yikatong or the Shanghai Public Transpo Card

If you will be travelling through trains and buses frequently, having a transpo card will be a big help. Shanghai’s subwayIt saves time and is more efficient. You can buy and reload them at any subway station. There are some convenience stores that also sell them. You just need to look for the logo which looks like a lightning.

So that’s it. The very basic things you are going to need to have a smooth sailing solo trip to China or anywhere else. 

Also, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion or question in the box below!

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